3d modeling and visualization studio for your product

Hello guys. Welcome to Alexandrov’s Studio. My name is Svyatoslav Alexandrov and I’m glad to see you here. I’m a 3d artist who specializes in 3d modeling and visualization of product design. I’m working in Blender 3d software. It’s a powerful editor that allows me to create complex models and visualize them with great looking realistic materials and lighting. My main goal is to make your product attractive to your customers. So, let me help you to create photorealistic renders of your product.

What can we do for you?

Our skills

Hard surface modeling;
Realistic materials creation;
Texturing (including creation of vector graphics);
Realtime rendering in game engines
Color correction

Some of our works

All these scenes were created by ourself from scratch

Sometimes, to show your product, it’s enough just to order a photoshoot. On first sight, it may seem that it’s easier and cheaper. But this is a delusion. You need to go to a photo studio, hire a whole team of professionals, like photographers, lighting assistants, retouchers. And what if you want to get different views after the shooting? Or to add details? Yes, you have to organize the shooting again. Computer graphics will show your product from any view and you’ll make corrections at any stage of production. I’ll create a 3d model of your object by references, then I’ll add to model physically correct materials, create beautiful lighting and show you the final render that you’ll use for web or print advertising.

Traditional Photography

-You hire a whole team of professionals
-No chance to add new views or make corrections after the shooting
-You need to go to a photo studio to see the results
-If your product is not ready yet and you have only drawings, you can’t visualize it.

3d design

+You contact just me
+Any views, lighting, and corrections at any moment
+You can see any results between a start and end wherever you are
+Hahaha! It’s not a problem. Send me your drawings and we’ll create the 3d model and show you, how it will look in real life

So, if you need 3d modeller, product designer, who can provide you best quality renders, if you want to order a 3d design of your product, just check out our portfolio and contact us. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible and we’ll create something amazing together.

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