Klipsch Heresy III created in Blender 3d

by Svyatoslav Alexandrov
April 8, 2020

The story of this project began last fall. I had old and cheap computer speakers, the sound quality of which was clearly not enough, and I wanted to buy a good sound card. Having looked at several options, I decided not to save money on the purchase and bought a Sound Blaster x7 amplifier. I brought it home, unpacked and connected it to my speakers. To say that I was upset is to say nothing. The speakers played quietly and slurred.
I was ready to return the amplifier back to the store, but I suddenly remembered that my friend (or rather his father) had a good speaker system and a vinyl record player. I called my friend and made an appointment to test my amplifier with his speakers. And so, I came to him, we connected the wires, configured everything, and then I pressed the “Play” button. I have never heard a better sound in my life. These speakers are a piece of art. Clear sound, powerful bass, vintage design.
I went home, and decided to keep the amplifier and buy inexpensive, but quality speakers for it. Two months passed, I got used to my new speakers, listened to music with pleasure, watched movies.
And then my friend called me and offered to bring me his father’s speakers for a while. Wow! It was a big surprise, I was so glad.
I fell in love with this product so much that I decided to make it a 3d model and visualization. I ran with a tape measure and vernier caliper to the speakers and back to the table, took measurements, wrote them down and later used them in modeling. I’m damn grateful to my friend for the opportunity to enjoy this sound again, as well as to do this project. So, these Klipsch Heresy III are the best speakers I ever heard. Thanks, Johnny!
For this project I used Blender 2.8 and Cycles render. Enjoy!
Feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate or order your own project.