Modern interior in Unreal Engine 4

by Svyatoslav Alexandrov
January 5, 2019

Hi guys! Let me introduce you our new extremely talented guy Alexander Bratus. In this post I’ll show you his latest big project created in Blender 3d and Unreal Engine 4 within Alexandrov’s studio. Enjoy!

Interior 1
Interior 2
Interior 3

This is not a pre-rendered pictures, it’s an interactive real-time project created in UE 4.

Modern technologies allow us to immerse yourself in the world of 3D, static pictures come to life on your eyes, now you can walk, interact with objects, change them.

Interior 4
Interior 5

In our projects we use baked light, this process can take up to several hours, but the quality is incomparable with the dynamic light. Special attention should be paid to UV lightmaps of assets, we check every of UV maps for the presence of artifacts and fix them. Also Unreal Engine 4 uses PBR (Physically Based Rendering) physically based materials will work equally well in all lighting environments. All these moments, together with 4k textures, create a photorealistic picture in real time.

Mix 2
Baked lighting 1
Baked lighting 2

We provide the following services:
– development of interactive scenes, VR applications;
– creating of 3d assets for VR / AR and gaming applications;
– integration of finished scenes (3ds Max, Blender, and so on) to Unreal Engine 4;

We create every 3d asset with great attention to details, carefully checking every model, texture.
Also, for the best gaming experience, we will perform project optimization for the specified system requirements.

You can buy this project, change it as you like and use it for all your purposes.

Full project video with gameplay: