Poliigon – the best way to create photorealistic materials

by Svyatoslav Alexandrov
November 4, 2018

Sometimes we need to create a model with photorealistic materials. But not always we can use procedural textures for this. What do we do? Of course, we go to Google, download the texture of wood, for example, assign it to our model, but it looks ugly. Why? Because we need to use different maps, not only diffuse. A reflection, gloss, normal, displacement map, sometimes also metalness map, etc. And of course, you can create them by yourself from the original image. But the result is not always satisfactory. Besides, you need to spend some time on this process. And what if you need a lot of materials?

There is a better solution. Poliigon.com This service contains a huge library of texture maps to create amazing photorealistic materials, as well as HDR maps for incredible lighting for your scene, and a library of models. The good news is that we don’t need to buy every single texture. We just buy a monthly or annual subscription for 120, 300 or 600 credits and download any textures we want.

Also, you can purchase a certain amount of credits that will never expire. But it is more expensive, and I would not recommend it. A subscription will cover all your needs.

Poliigon allows you to use your textures and materials for commercial purposes even when your subscription has already expired. More information about the license you can get here. Read this information carefully.

Also, you can download an addon for your 3D software. Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D are supported. Here you can find complete information about the using of add-ons.

Answers to all your questions you can find here or ask me in the comments.

This article is a recommendation, not an advertisement. I use this service regularly, it has proven itself well, so I decided to tell you about it. I’m sure many of you already know about Poliigon. I wish you pleasant use and high-quality realistic renders.